Frühling - Spring

Driving ban for car run on diesel

Now it’s reality. There is a driving ban for car run on diesel on certain streets of the City of Hamburg. Does it change anything? Not really. Affected vehicles now must drive a long detour and push out during this time just more pollutants. And the big ships, which are powered by heavy fuel oil, may continue to enter the harbor unhindered.

British English v/s other languages

If you translate the word “deep-sea fishing» from the British English into German, you have to say “Hochseefischerei”. But why is in the German language the word “Hoch” (high) used? Have you ever seen a fish in the hight? Usually these are below the water surface. This point goes clearly to the British English.

Scone with jam or cream first?

It seems to be a great question. Actually I’m reading a lot of blogs and other English websites to improve my language skills. More than once I found a discussion about the scones and its topping. What comes first on a scone, jam or cream? How should I behave when I go to England? For me is another question even more important. Can I even try a scone if I don’t like cream and take it just with jam?

Ice hockey in the late spring

I like ice hockey. But somehow I don’t get in the right mood for it, although the Swiss national team is playing well. Since weeks the weather looks like summertime which makes it not easy to get excited about ice hockey. Why can’t they start the world championship earlier? The football world championship does not take place in winter either.