Les pronoms adverbiaux – en / y

On peut discuter si oui ou non l’apprentissage de la grammaire a du sens. Mais avec quelques connaissances, cela peut rendre la vie plus facile. Mais jusqu’à ce que cela se produise, c’est une route caillouteuse. En moment je me tourmenter avec les pronoms adverbiaux «en» et «y». Toujours quand je pense je comprendre les roulés je rencontre à nouveau un nouvel obstacle. N’abandonne pas.

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Learning with native / non native speakers

It’s a controversial topic. Is it beneficial to practise a second language with non-native speakers or counterproductive? I’d love to have more speaking opportunities with people from English speaking countries. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible and therefore, I don’t have a problem speaking with other learners.
My weakness is grammar and I noticed making more and more mistakes. Even worse, I’m getting used to them and don’t recognise them. I’m always thankful for conversing with «native» English speakers, especially when they correct me.

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Hobson’s choice

English expressions are always interesting. I like the explanation on Wikipedia «A Hobson’s choice is a free choice in which only one thing is actually offered. The term is often used to mean an illusion of choice. The most well known Hobson’s choice is «take it or leave it.» I heard this expression once in a podcast. Since then, I can’t forget. Why is it so hard to learn specific essential phrases and the unimportant ones we always remember?

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L’autunno è arrivato

Anche l’autunno ha i suoi lati belli. Oltre alla pioggia e al vento, ne fa parte anche il cambiamento di colore della natura. Questo è sempre affascinato. Adoro spendere il tempo nelle nostre boschi.

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Aujourd’hui est Pleine lune

Aujourd’hui, c’est à nouveau la pleine lune. Hier soir, j’ai eu l’occasion de prendre une photo avec d’excellents détails de la partie nord de la lune. Pour moi la lune a un attrait spécial pour moi. Il est très fascinant, il est si proche et pourtant si loin.

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Pagbati sa Tagalog

Magandang araw. Kamusta ka? – Mabuti naman, salamat!
Good day. How are you? – I’m fine, thank you.

The first impression counts. Therefore the greetings are essential to start a conversation with a good vibe. The pronunciation doesn’t have to be perfect. Up until now, I’ve usually only had positive experiences when I tried to express myself in a foreign language.

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The right way to learn a language

Who doesn’t know the problem with learning a new language? Many of us can remember when we were sitting in the classroom and had our weekly lesson in a foreign language. A new approach was getting popular in recent times, learning with stories and not caring about grammar lessons. But is it that easy? I’m in with the idea of learning with stories, but I also see the need for grammar. It’s probably like everything; there isn’t only one way to do something. I prefer to combine those two methods to understand why a sentence is written in a certain way. In my humble opinion, the essential way to learn a language is to practice it and speak as much as possible in this language with someone.

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