Plans may change

After I cancelled my language trip to London due to the corona situation, I postponed my goal for the FCE exam. I need to reorganise my learning situation. It’s getting harder to find a local English course for the preparation. Luckily, my English teacher ist supporting my intentions, and she agreed to correct my writing tasks from my self-study books. She’s such a kind soul.

BALVENIE – Week of Peat

The peated whiskey is produced a few days before the stills are cleaned. In this peak week, a single malt is created, which stands out from the others from the distillery. It is a whiskey with a subtle peat smoke combined with blossom honey, vanilla, butter caramel and citrus from the Speyside region in Scotland. If you want to hear something behind the history of Balvenie and this whiskey while drinking, you can do this on the homepage.

Another try

After a break, I decided to take more effort and write a little bit more than before. It’s not only because of the Corona situation, but it helps. I need more writing practice for my plans to pass the FCE exam until the end of this year. Hopefully, I will stick it out a little longer and will write more regularly on my blog.