De geschiedenis van windmolens

De Nederlandse windmolens hebben een rijke en lange geschiedenis. Ze werden voor het eerst gebruikt in de middeleeuwen, toen ze werden gebruikt om water uit de polders te pompen. In die tijd waren windmolens erg belangrijk voor de landbouw en de economie van het land.

In de 17e eeuw werden windmolens steeds geavanceerder en werden ze gebruikt voor allerlei doeleinden, zoals het malen van graan en het bewerken van textiel. Het aantal windmolens in Nederland bereikte zijn hoogtepunt in de 19e eeuw, toen er zo’n 10.000 windmolens in het land stonden.

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Ang ating solar system

Ang ating solar system ay binubuo ng ating araw at mga planeta na nakakalapit sa araw. Ang mga planeta ay nahahati sa dalawang kategorya: ang mga terrestrial planet na kinabibilangan ng Mercury, Venus, Earth, at Mars, at ang mga gas giant na kinabibilangan ng Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, at Neptune.

Ang araw, na nagbibigay ng ilaw at init sa ating solar system, ay matatagpuan sa gitna nito. Ang lahat ng mga planeta ay nag-orbit sa paligid nito. Ang Earth, kung saan tayo nakatira, ay ika-3 planeta mula sa araw at mayroong buhay dito.

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Language lessons at school

Learning a language is something exciting and can open your mind. But why do some adults struggle with learning a language when they age? Most of us probably have the same experience and feel negative emotions when reflecting on school lessons. I won’t say that the classes in school are poor and often it is in the hand of the teacher. But mostly, they must follow a lesson plan and are limited in structuring the lessons.

I was unlucky and had a teacher who couldn’t motivate me to learn French. After three years, I was just glad that this torture was over and looking back, I have to admit that I wasn’t capable of expressing myself in French.

I’d like to know how the language lesson in school has changed in this day and age. Is it still the same with old-style course books? I don’t say everything is wrong with them, and I still use this kind of school book in an English course I take part in an evening class. But I learn more at home with private lessons and other resources focused on the authentic language used in our daily lives.

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Good or bad music?

There is no bad music. But sometimes, all you have to do is turn the volume down to zero to enjoy it.

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C’est la nouvelle année !

La nouvelle année est un moment de réflexion et un moment pour faire le bilan de l’année écoulée et prendre des résolutions pour l’année à venir. C’est aussi le moment de profiter de la compagnie des amis et de la famille, de manger beaucoup, de boire beaucoup de vin et de se réjouir !

La nouvelle année apporte de nouvelles opportunités pour apprendre de nouvelles langues ou en apprendre davantage sur d’autres cultures. C’est aussi une période où de nombreuses personnes prennent la résolution d’être plus humbles et satisfaites de leur vie. Alors que veux-tu faire cette année ?

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Che cosa fare tra Natale e Capodanno?

Molte persone non devono lavorare tra Natale e Capodanno. Ma che cosa fare? Andare in montagna da sciare o volare verso il mare e goderti il sole e il caldo? È perfetto da spendere del tempo con la famiglia o visitare le parenti.

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Christmas tradition

Learning languages also means connecting to other cultures. Christmas is an excellent example. In my childhood, we had to go to our room after dinner. We were allowed to leave our rooms until we heard a bell ringing which signalled that the Christ child had finished decorating the Christmas tree and brought the presents. We were now allowed to open the presents.

For a long time, this was the only way to celebrate Christmas. Since I’m getting more fascinated with learning languages, I’m getting closer to different cultures and traditions. In some countries, people decorate the Christmas tree a few weeks or months in advance. The festival also differs in many other respects. Traditionally, there are different menus, and gifts are unwrapped on the 25th or even later. Many spend this time with family and New Year’s Eve with friends. In other countries, it is the opposite.

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