Food waste for environmental protection?

Environmental activists throw (tinned) soups at works of art to protest against climate policy and prophesise the world’s end. What’s going on? In some parts of our world, people are starving from hunger and European activists are wasting food to protect the environment? I assume the cleansing agents used to remove the dirt are not necessarily environmentally friendly. And no, I still don’t believe this will be the last spring we will experience.

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Moon New Year 2024

Today’s the start of the moon New Year, the beginning of the year in some traditional Asian calendars. The Chinese New Year is celebrated yearly at the second new moon after the winter solstice. The celebration usually starts in the evening before with fish as a meal. In Chinese, the word for fish (Yu) sounds similar to the word for wealth. Just be careful, don’t eat the whole fish and use up the «wealth». Let’s welcome the year of the dragon.

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Propositi per il nuovo anno

Imparare una lingua è probabilmente uno dei propositi più comuni per il nuovo anno oltre a perdere peso. Ma per me non è una buona idea. Perché non durante l’anno? Ho rinunciato all’idea dei propositi per il nuovo anno anni fa. Se mi interessa qualcosa, non ho bisogno di una data specifica per iniziare a farlo. Imparare una lingua ha piuttosto qualcosa come un progetto. C’è una cosa che ha bisogno molti anni e per un propositi per il nuovo anno è più adatto per qualcosa che richiede meno tempo.

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Galette des Rois

Le 6 janvier est le jour des trois rois. Bien que l’on célèbre la même chose, il y a une petite différence qui ne peut être négligée. Le gâteau est différent. Mais dans les deux variantes il y a une petite figure, le roi. Autrefois, on utilisait un haricot et aujourd’hui, il peut aussi être une reine. La personne qui trouve la figure est le roi/ la reine pour un jour.

A gauche est une galette des rois et à droite un «Königskuchen» comme il est utilisé en Suisse.

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Happy New Year

Frohes neues Jahr
Bonne année
Felice anno nuovo

Bun di bun onn
Gelukkig nieuwjaar
Maligayang Bagong Taon

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Our global lingua franca

That’s the newest book I’m reading right now. I found this through an interview with the author on a podcast. I’ve just started reading, and I’m excited. Traditional and old-fashioned learning methods are widely criticised and their effectiveness is questioned. Nevertheless, this learning method is still the standard in many schools.

This book questions the system of learning for good grades while students are still struggling with getting fluent. It shows the importance of thinking outside the box during the process of learning a language. I recommend this book to everyone, not only for teachers.

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Is cheese equal to cheese?

Of course, there are countless variations of different cheeses. Their taste and consistency are different. But I didn’t mean this. Let’s get more precise. When we buy a Camembert of a distinctive brand in France and Germany, is their taste the same? If you believe this is the case, you are probably wrong.

Different nations have different preferences and habits. For example, the French generally prefer a stronger flavour, while Germans often prefer mild cheeses. Cheese manufacturers have realised this and are producing cheese in a country-specific way. You don’t believe it? Do it like I did and try it out. Since then, I have not eaten a particular brand produced for the German market.

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