Build a castle in Spain

Using ChatGPT is not always easy. If you want a good result, asking as precise questions as possible is essential. I’m using a Google Chrome extension that includes ChatGPT in a column. Recently I was interested to know more about the idiom «Build a castle in Spain». While I got in the classic Google search engine a variety of correct references with more information to this idiom, the reply of ChatGPT was amusing (but technically not wrong)

Besides these two steps were five other steps listened, like Securing permits, hiring a construction team, beginning construction, furnishing the castle and maintaining the castle. And last but not least, there was the note that «Building a castle in Spain can be a challenging and costly endeavour».

ChatGPT gave me no hint of the actual purpose of my search. But I admit, my question was not accurate enough and yes, the answer was not wrong.

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