How important is listening practice?

Who doesn’t know this situation: You’re trying to listen to a movie, but you have a problem understanding everything. What are you doing? Carry on or change the program? There is a great temptation to give up. But in my opinion, this is wrong.

In some countries, films are always broadcasted in the original sound and provided with subtitles. My subjective observation is that people from these countries often speak better English, for example. They are immersing in a second language constantly. I try to listen as much as possible to documentaries or movies in other languages and build up to something like a bubble where I can dive into different languages I’m learning.

Of course, you can’t acquire a language only by listening. Speaking is just as important.

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Podcast «Lukes English Podcast»

Luke’s English podcast is probably one of the well-known podcasts in the world. I hardly know anyone in the world of English podcast listeners who is not familiar with this podcast. An episode lasts about 75 minutes on average, and the first 10-20 minutes are an introduction to the topic, often repetitive to make sure that everyone understands.

Until now, you’ll find more than 740 different episodes, and the variety of themes are great. If you don’t like one topic, skip it. Learners who want to dive deeper into it, can get a premium membership and gain a profit of additional episodes with lessons about vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

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Isang bulaklak – isang rosas

May mga bulaklak ako sa bahay. When the weather is bad and it’s grey outside, it’s the perfect time to bring some colourful flowers into the living room.

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Graded Readers – easy reading

Probably every language learner knows these books. I like them and read a lot of those graded books. I was fascinated by them until I reached a certain level. It was around the time I caught an upper B2 level when I got bored of them. They weren’t demanding enough, and I switched to regular books or newspapers.

My personal advice: Give them a chance and try it out. But don’t be afraid to start reading a «normal» book, especially when you’re getting to a higher level.

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Il bosco in autunno

L’autunno è un periodo meraviglioso dell’anno. Il colore della foresta cambia dal verde al giallo e presto si stanno diffondendo sempre più toni rossi. 

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Podcast «Le podcast fluidite»

Pour moi il n’était pas facile de trouver un podcast. Je devais trouver quelque chose qui corresponde à mon niveau. Mais après un certain temps de recherche et d’écoute de différents podcasts, j’ai trouvé avec «La podcast fluidité» qui me convient.

Bien sûr, je ne comprends pas encore tout. Les épisodes individuels durent entre 15 et 30 minutes. J’écoute donc les épisodes individuels 2 ou 3 fois et j’en comprends de mieux en mieux le contenu. Les épisodes individuels sont enregistrés d’une manière qui est facile à comprendre et pourtant à un rythme naturel. Et il y a un abonnement VIP, où il y a aussi un groupe Telegram pour discuter.

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Podcast «English Across The Pond»

«English Across The Pond» is a weekly podcast that has been online since 22. June 2016 and provides since then every Friday a new episode. Every week there is a unique topic discussed in an everyday conversation. The differences between British and American English also come into play, which helps the learner to recognize and understand the differences.

For «Ponders» are also Telegram groups available. One is free and allows to practice with other ponders and the second one is for the members. There are also regular video chats with zoom for members, where the two hosts are usually present every week.

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